3 ans

Contactless Characterization of Miniature and Buried Antennas Within Reverberation Chambers

Offre de thèse à compter du 01.10.2022, avec financement sur 3 ans

Reverberation chambers (RCs) have become a reliable alternative to anechoic chambers to perform antenna radiation pattern [4] and efficiency measurement [5], [6]. Based on preliminary results established at the ESYCOM laboratory in 2021 [3], this PhD objective is to develop a breakthrough antenna radiation efficiency measurement method suitable for miniature and buried antennas.
The preliminary work plan is as follows:
• Development of a theoretical model to describe antenna absorption and scattering properties within diffuse field. Special care will be given to take into account the case of buried antennas. The measurement protocol required to retrieve the antenna radiation efficiency will then be set up.
• Measurement of electrically large canonical antennas to validate the proposed method. Uncertainties will be evaluated and compared with conventional methods.
• Measurement of miniature and buried antennas and assessment of the sensitivity measurement limit regarding the antenna radiation efficiency.


François SARRAZIN - Contacter
Université Gustave Eiffel - 5 boulevard Descartes - 77420 Champs-sur -Marne

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