3 ans

Silicon photonic integrated circuits for fronthaul architectures

Offre de thèse à compter du 01.10.2022, avec financement sur 3 ans

This PhD position deals with the design of optical communication architectures for high data rate. The built-in
components of these links are in integrated photonic technologies designed and fabricated at CEA-Leti such as
hybrid laser diode, optical waveguide, SOA, etc. [1], [2], [3]. We will focus on PM-DD (Phase Modulation-Direct
Detection) and PM-CD (Phase Modulation-Coherent Detection) optical links. The performances of these
architectures will be first evaluated from the state-of-the art integrated photonics components on Silicon. They
will be characterized both in simulation and measurement. Simulations will be performed based on the
developed models of microwave-photonics components for A-RoF applications that include distortions and
noises [4], [5], [6]. New modeling method dealing with User-Defined Models approach will be used for optical
waveguides and interconnections. Then, the second step concerns the development of optical devices for high
efficiency PM-DD and PM-CD links. As phase modulation link requires laser diode with narrow linewidth, the
technological process of the III-V laser on silicone platform will be investigated to determine the main
limitations of the light coupling between the two technologies (III-V to Si). The third step concerns the
introduction of wavelength division multiplexing WDM technology for the high speed and MIMO operations.
For this, specific ring resonators which act as a wavelength filter and a frequency discriminator will be integrated
in the link. The filter bandwidth is determined by the ring diameter and a linear frequency slope is required to
enhance the conversion efficiency of phase modulation to intensity modulation. These resonators are totally
fabricated on silicon and will be fully characterized at Esycom experimental platform.
To achieve the last step, photonic component models will be developed for such CEA-Leti integrated
technology. Some pre-defined technologies will be simulated including the integration of photonics devices.
Simulated performances of the different architectures will be done in terms of EVM regarding to the data rate.
This will contribute to identify the impairments introduced by the optical channel and the impact of integrated
photonic devices on the different tested waveforms. Measurements will be performed to validate the obtained
simulated results. Then, the critical technological limits will be strongly analysed and optimized.

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