05 October 2023

Séminaire « Wireless RF/microwave projects at the University of Bologna »

Séminaire du professeur Alessandra Costanzo de l'Université de Bologne.

Alessandra Costanzo is Full Professor of Electromagnetic Fields at the University of Bologna, Campus of Cesena since September 2018. She carries out her research in the field of the CAD of RF and microwave circuits and systems such as : Multiple-input-Multiple Output (MIMO), UWB systems, radio frequency identification systems (RFID) and « rectenna » (multi-band rectifying antennas) for the collection of RF energy, specialized for wearable applications. This activity is carried out through the development of innovative project procedures based on the combination of electromagnetic theory, numerical simulation and nonlinear analysis based on the harmonic balancing method. She studies and develops systems for wireless power transmission (WPT) adopting both near-field and far-field techniques for different operating frequencies and different power levels. She has developed innovative solutions in the field of non-invasive structural monitoring, exploiting electromagnetic interference and reverse-modeling of antenna arrays.

05 October 2023, 13h0014h00
Room 2V080 (Copernic Building) and remotely